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AO "Viata Fara Limta" (NGO "Life with no limits")



AO "Viata Fara Limta" (NGO "Life with no limits")

Motivating the Moldovan youth to create a socially healthy generation.

The problem we are trying to solve:

We call this problem "forgotten age gap". Youth or rural areas of Moldova grow up completely without hope. Reason for that is total lack of any attention from:

  1. Parents - most of them left Moldova, working abroad. Young people are left with one parent, or granny or completely left living by themselves, receiving money from parent from abroad. Parents just do whatever it takes for their family to survive.
  2. Government - the only care, provided by state is existence of poorly managed schools. But there is absolute absence of any other infrastructure, needed for growing healthy generation like: sports fields, cultural activities, courses, clubs etc.


This problem threatens our community's existence. Because of this situation, young people dream only about leaving Moldova abroad. Inexistence of hope demotivates them to go to school, self-educate, dream of university, do sports and other healthy activities. This lack of attention leaves them to themselves, makes them vulnerable to threats like alcoholism, narcotics, human traffic, vagrancy etc. Rural communities fall apart, there is almost no young people of age above school age.

The solution we are proposing:

Our NGO program and activities bring youth the attention,that they so desperately need. We give them healthy developing activities to fill their spare time, we talk to them about common youth threats, help them understand themselves and the situation they are in. We teach them to involve into solving communities problems like helping abandoned elders, making children playgrounds, cleaning garbage piles from streets etc.


This will give rural communities chance to survive, have future. Will help to grow up generation, that believes in themselves, in Moldova, knows what community needs. Knows how to help the community. This will make its positive impact on rising Moldova’s depopulation.


Already taking these steps:


- Step one: Identify community, that needs help.

- Step two: Find likewise thinking young people inside that community. Offer, them to become NGO volunteers.

- Step three: With the help of volunteers organize weekly club. Invite youth to the club. Club consists of gatherings, board games, intellectual games, periodical sports activities, camps, hiking, bicycle trips. Conversations about youth threats, dreams, education etc.

- Step four: Organize social activities and involve club members in it. Social activities inside their communities might include: helping helpless elders prepare wood for heating, help with gardening, help with cleaning the house and the yard. Building playgrounds etc.

- Step five: Organize where possible free courses like: English language, IT.

- Step six: include teach "Preparation to success" program. This is a program, that helps youth to understand themselves and make conclusions about what are they best in and decide to which university to go.


Planning to take this steps:

- Step seven: offer youth full or partial funding for university contracts inside Moldova (scholarship program).

What success looks like for us:

This is a big dream. But success for us would be if we somehow would see positive influence of our NGO on depopulation. See how young people dream about education and life in Moldova, in their communities. See how young people start to make difference in the places where they are from. If young people break this cycle and stop leaning their children in Moldova, for looking for better work abroad.

Where we are are based:

Vulcănești, Moldova

Funding we are applying for:

$14,000 - $15,000 per year

How this funding will help us achieve our goals:

This funding will help us realize "Step seven" from the above: offer university contracts funding (scholarship program) . Widen our activities to more communities.

How this funding will strengthen our group:

From our point of view, scholarship program - is extremely important development step of our organization. We invest a lot of time and attention into youth in different villages of Moldova. Doing our best to protect, motivate, educate. But eventually - young person must take a decision whether to continue his education in college/university or not. And, often, this is not an option at all - simply because of the poverty. They simply cannot afford it.

Scholarship program will strengthen the whole sense of what we do.

And secondly, with this funding we would be able to open new clubs in different locations.

How we gain by being a Spark Fund partner:

Besides funding, it would be very helpful to gain any useful international experience, maybe invite international volunteers to participate in some activities.

How we would like to spend a grant through the Spark Fund:

New clubs program implementation expenses - 30%

  • Scholarship program implementation - 30%
  • Salaries - 30% (new clubs and scholarship program will overload our current 2 project coordinators, so we will need to hire one more. Hence this increase in salaries expenses from our current level)
  • Staff and volunteers trainings: 10%

    NOTE: budget, that we apply for is intended only for expansion and new activities. Therefore you will not see there any operational, administrative and salary costs - these are already covered by current budgets. Additionally all clubs that we open - are funded locally, either by the community itself, local major or often just provided by some good people for free.

    Our Annual Income:

    26,467 EUR

    Our Organization Structure:

    Global decisions are made by NGO members (40 people). Strategical decisions are made by NGO board, that consists of 7 people aged 23-40. Operational decisions are made by director (35 years old). Day by day decisions are made by two project coordinators (23-24 years old). Most of the daily activities are organized with help of group of 30 volunteers (16-20 years old).

    NGO legal form is A.O. - which stand for "social association". This means, that power is in the hands of members of the NGO and global decisions are made by gathering opinions of around 40 members once per year. Some of these members are volunteers, some are in board, some coordinators etc. Everybody plays his part.

    Our NGO is running by youth and for youth. Yes, it is youth-led. For us this means, that general directions, style, atmosphere, methods are not dictated centrally by some some small group of people. But 100% of NGO activities are created, led and organized by a large group of young people. Where board, director and coordinators only help to structure and run the NGO.

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