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Charity fund "National Network for Local Philanthropy Development"



Charity fund "National Network for Local Philanthropy Development"


We dream to decrease youth migration by showing young people opportunities to create a better future locally. We strive to engage youth in each community to create Youth banks initiatives and influence local issues.

This year, in 2021, we realized the network project, organized exchange, and created the app and chatbot https://youthbank.philanthropy.com.ua/ (in Ukrainian), which help teams to manage work and fundraise. Seven teams of Youth Banks created projects for their communities and raised a minimum of half of the sum, and Philanthropist covered the second half with a matched grant. We are proud that the leaders of YBI had a discussion of youth policy with the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
The national movement of community foundations has been developing for almost 10 years and it has demonstrated its effectiveness by forming a new culture of charity and volunteering in communities, founded on honest trust among neighbors.

The problem we are trying to solve:

"In Ukraine, we have a low percentage of youth involvement in local policymaking, community decision-making, and community development. Consequently, local youth policy doesn't support youth development; there are no opportunities for self-realization in communities. So as a result, a high percentage of youth migrate to bigger cities or abroad. "

Our communities are aging; social capital of the community is becoming poorer; government financing for community schools is decreasing, schools are closing, and there are no working places, local businesses, etc.

The solution we are proposing:

"We propose to strengthen teams of Youth bank initiatives by developing new services and exchange programs. We aim to educate youth to create interactive digital and physical quests as instruments of engaging youth and donors to youth bank activities.

The main goals are:

- Improving the digital competencies of young people;

- Improving the knowledge and skills of young people in the field of existing tools that offer a wide range of opportunities for the implementation of creative ideas;

- Promoting the mobility of young people and building relations with neighboring communities; - Strengthening active citizenship both at Community and international level;

- To allow participants to realize their creative potential to improve their social, economic, personal, and artistic prospects in life;

- Encouraging young people to work with organizations, build the third sector, and e-volunteer"

"As a result, we expect youth to create new instruments to engage resources - finance and volunteers - for project realization. The creation of interactive quests is also an opportunity to engage people in neighbor communities and promote YBI and young people as decision-makers at the local level, which can help grow the network in the future.

This project will influence youth skills, like digital literacy, decision making, creative thinking, idea development, and social entrepreneurship. It will raise youth activism because of innovation tools, youth abilities to manage projects, youth financial literacy, which will help young people to be prepared for adulthood, lift patriotic mood and decrease migration."

We plan to organize an educational course for young leaders from YBI to get new skills in digital instruments, quest writing, digital fundraising, cooperation with business. Teams will develop a project based on research of communities' problems and needs, which they did in 2021. The next step is to facilitate team brainstorming for developing a quest plan and collaboration with the mentor. In the realization stage, youth banks teams will visit each other to exchange experience, give feedback on quests. Teams should gather half of the sum for their project with a new instrument, and Philanthropists will grant another half.

What success looks like for us:

We have a rule of community foundation work - regular assessments of communities' problems and needs. By following year assessment, we will see the impact of Youth Bank projects. We expect to see the raising of civic activism percentage, especially among youth; minimum of seven projects realized in 7 communities; and updating the score of the problem which project aims to solve.

Where we are are based:

Main office in Kyiv and parters organizations located in 20 towns of Ukraine

Funding we are applying for:

$14,000 - $15,000 per year

How this funding will help us achieve our goals:

"This funding will help organize exchanges, involve trainers, and support administrative costs of the youth program. So, this funding will cover part of the budget of the described project in previous questions and set goals."

How this funding will strengthen our group:

With this funding, our youth team and our beneficiaries will get a new fundraising instrument, which will help with future projects after Spark Funding, new skills, and opportunities to realize digital fundraising.

How we gain by being a Spark Fund partner:

Being a Spark Fund grantee partner, we expect to have international exchange with youth organizations from other countries; involve in international project experts, mentors, and facilitators; raise skills to project management.

How we would like to spend a grant through the Spark Fund:

"We plan to invest money from Spark Funding to Human Resources costs and to programming costs for two years. By Human resources costs we plan to cover salaries of project manager and project assistant. Programming costs will cover 2 educational courses - offline meetings of youth bank leaders; exchange progmar for youth bank teams to partners communities; assessment costs - each team will check the community needs for the second year of financing; printing materials; software for animation quest design. Also we plan a matching grants costs wich will double the geathered sum by youth teams."

Our Annual Income:

51500 EUR

Our Organization Structure:

"The main governing body is the General Meeting of Members - the management of this body is carried out through meetings and convocations. The General Meeting decides on changes and approval of the Charter, election of the Chairman and the Management Board, determination of the main strategic directions of activity and other functions in accordance with the Charter.

The Supervisory Board provides control over financial and economic activities and the targeted use of funds. In accordance with its functions, the Supervisory Board conducts audits of the annual balance sheet and reports.

The executive body is the Board headed by the Chairman of the Board and heads of departments, programs which are subordinated, report and accept tasks for execution from the Chairman of the Board. It represents the interests of the organization in all institutions and enterprises."

Each person has their own responsibilities and tasks. All questions about staff are regulated by personnel management procedure policy.

Youth-led programs for youth-focused projects support the idea of "Peer-to-Peer." We believe that youth-led projects grow super young leaders who can be local and national changemakers.

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