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We define our mission as the reinforcement of the global feminist movement by including the Kyiv feminists’ local community in it. Our main goal is to set up connections between feminists from Kyiv, and feminists from other cities all over the world. We also want to increase the representation of women and LGBTQI+ people in the media and make Ukrainian feminists visible in present history.

One of the main priorities of our group is to enable Kyiv feminist activists to find support and express their ideas and issues to foreign communities. We also aim to contribute to the creation of new collaborations between feminists from Kyiv and feminists from other cities.

The problem we are trying to solve:

Representatives of various feminist initiatives in Ukraine are currently experiencing difficulties in trying to make themselves known to local and foreign audiences. The reasons for this situation are the low interest of local media in grassroots feminist activism, as well as the language barrier.

There are no similar projects like ours in Ukraine. By making it we do not only help the activists but also get an opportunity to know more about our feminist community which is poorly represented.

The solution we are proposing:

Previously mentioned problems inspired our team to create media that would provide our local community with a safe platform to talk about themselves and their activism, as well as to establish contacts with colleagues outside Ukraine. We've created a website, where people can find interviews with Kyiv feminists in English, telling about their views, activism, and recent projects. We believe that this project can make Kyiv activists feel more confident about their role in both local and international feminist movements.

What success looks like for us:

We would consider our project as a successful one by making the Kyiv community known to the ones abroad, helping to feel local activists as a part of the global movement and contributing to the creation of new collaborations between feminists from different cities. We get a lot of positive feedback from both our interviewees and our audience who are primarily young people. It makes us sure that our project has an impact on the youth community.

Where we are are based:

Kyiv, Ukraine

Funding we are applying for:

$14,000 - $15,000 per year

How this funding will help us achieve our goals:

The media is completely independent, we do not receive any financial support from the institutions, and all members of our group work on a voluntary basis. As high-quality content is one of our main priorities, each interview takes a lot of time and effort which does not let us forecast clearly our next activities. This leads to irregular publishing and pulls us away from the planned goals. That said, the funding will help us to devote more time to the development of the project.

How this funding will strengthen our group:

By having regular financial support our group will have the possibility to avoid the burnout caused by uncertainty, financial instability and emotionally tough topics that we are working with.

How we gain by being a Spark Fund partner:

As we are quite a young project, every opportunity to grow, learn something, collaborate would be a great asset to us. Therefore we are open to any opportunity that Spark Fund would be ready to offer us.

How we would like to spend a grant through the Spark Fund:

- salaries for the team of the project

- hosting and technical support of the website

- target ads in social networks to reach a broader audience - rent of additional equipment for shooting

Our Annual Income:


Our Organization Structure:

Two of the three team members are persons under 30 years old, and one team member is 30 years old. Our project primarily promotes and supports young feminists (women and nonbinary people age 18-30) who have less media representation due to their age and/or belonging to marginalized groups. This is one of our top priorities in choosing heroines for interviews. All team members have equal access to decision making. Our initiative is horizontal.

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