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NGO”Caroma Nord” - Fondul pentru Tineri


Caroma Nord is an active organization in the north of the Republic of Moldova that has as a priority the involvement of young people in community life.
The organization has implemented over 50 projects. One of the successful project of the organization that is implemented in Balti and Singerei starting with 2018 is the "Youth Fund" The Youth Fund is a national project that is being implemented in 11 regions of the Republic of Moldova. Within this call, 3 regions: Rîșcani, Bălți & Sîngerei and Varnița aim to develop new opportunities for the 48 members of the fund but also for the over 3000 young beneficiaries of the activities organized by these initiative groups.
The Youth Fund aims to promote the participation of young people aged 16 to 22 in local decision-making and local development. In this serns, the 3 partner organizations together with the youth collect financial resources at local level: economic environment, LPA and has sources from the national funder Eastern European Foundation which later distributes to local initiative groups in annual grant programs. So far, these 3 partner institutions have funded over 100 local youth initiatives.

At the moment, we intend to develop 2 new directions within the Youth Fund: digitalization, which has proven to be very necessary in the period of restrictions but also the aspect of environmental protection. We want all the activities organized by young people to have the part of promoting the spirit of "Eco Friendly" but also that the activity of the fund itself to promote these values.
Thus, the Youth Fund will be not only a youth structure that promotes the civic involvement of young people but also contributes to solving serious environmental problems by cultivating the spirit of sustainable education for the young generations.

The problem we are trying to solve:

The Youth Fund is a national brand project that promotes the involvement of young people in the community. The field of environmental education and the promotion of sustainable development is only tangentially promoted through funded initiatives. Although environmental issues are a national priority for the Republic of Moldova. Thus, through this initiative we aim for 3 Partner Funds to promote ecology more actively in all activities. Ecology is important and the Youth Fund aims to become a national actor that promotes this concept.

The Republic of Moldova has major problems in terms of environmental protection in general. Within the project we aim to promote among young people the concept of selective waste management. Thus, through the activities, but also through our own example, we propose to show the selective collection of waste is possible and easy to achieve. In this sense, including in the offices of the 3 Youth Funds, ballot boxes for selective collection will be installed. The problem is one that really affects the communities we belong to. This service is not developed in Moldova, all localities have problems with waste disposal and there are practically no arranged and authorized places for waste storage. At the moment, out of over 1000 localities in the country, just over 20 have authorized storage facilities.

The solution we are proposing:

When funding these 3 Youth Funds will be able to more actively promote environmental issues among young people but also sustainable education. The young people, the members of the project will be trained in the field and will be able to become ambassadors of ecological education in the youth communities. Also, by installing selective dumpsters in offices itself, through its activity, the Youth Fund will promote an example of attitude towards the problem of integrated waste management.

We believe that following the implementation of the project, the youth community from the 4 partner regions will become much more informed and responsible for environmental issues. The skills acquired in the waste selection process in the activities promoted by the Youth Fund will lay the foundations of a responsible and educated community in this field. Young people, understanding the importance of solving these problems, will be able to put pressure on the community and public administrations.

For the time being, the Youth Fund supports initiative groups that promote environmental education under Grant Programs. Ecological education, environmental protection being areas of intervention that are identified as priorities of grant programs.

What success looks like for us:

"The success of the project will be demonstrated by the attitude of the members of the Youth Fund and all beneficiaries towards environmental issues. It will be possible to observe also within the space of the organization: whether the young people will collect selectively within the activities. Also, the result will be possible to quantify on the image side, the youth forum that we intend to hold in Balti will be the first event of such magnitude at the local level. From the moment the environment department appears within the organization, we consider that the impact of the project will be even more important."

Where we are are based:

Balti municipality, Singerei city, Varniţa village, Rîşcani city; Moldova

Funding we are applying for:

$14,000 - $15,000 per year

How this funding will help us achieve our goals:

The project will allow the endowment of the offices of the Youth Fund in these regions with the necessary equipment to ensure the selective collection process. At the same time, through the training activities of young people, the members of the fund will become much better informed in the field. The members of the Youth Fund are trained in the training program to become community leaders. Once they are trained in more in-depth environmental issues, they will also be able to promote environmental education in the youth sector. The Youth Fund will also be able to become an example in the field of promoting integrated waste management for the youth sector.

How this funding will strengthen our group:

"The project will strengthen the organization's capabilities in the segment of ecological education of young people. Another important aspect is related to the training on the digitization of the activity that has become very necessary in the pandemic context. Also, the youth forum planned to be organized in 2021 will strengthen the image of the organization. Starting with 2023, we intend to found a department within the 3 organizations that will be responsible for carrying out the activities of promoting ecology, one person will be employed in this regard in the 3 partner institutions."

How we gain by being a Spark Fund partner:

The organization is open to collaboration, new knowledge and experiences. We want, first of all, the participation in the program to offer the possibility to develop new international partnerships and the development of new initiatives.

How we would like to spend a grant through the Spark Fund:

"In the first year, the grant will be used for the technical endowment of organizations but also for digitization training. There will also be training in ecology and a form of youth. In year 2, the activities in the field of ecological education will remain, we intend to hold the forum as well. At the same time, 2 local coordinators will be hired who will constantly promote ecological education activities."

Our Annual Income:


Our Organization Structure:

"Decisions within the ""Youth Fund"" are made by team members. The fund team is composed of 9-15 young people aged between 16 and 22 years. They are selected annually by the organization's team in an open competition consisting of 2 stages: the application stage and the interview stage. After selecting the members, they go through a training course consisting of 7 sessions (days). At the end of the trainings, the young people form the internal structure of the fund and proceed to the project implementation process: Identifying the needs of the Youth sector, Fundraising at local level and subsequently carrying out the small grants program."

Once the team of volunteers is formed, the decision-making power is delegated to them. The project team has an advisory, organizational and support role for young people. At the same time, the project team, mature, have the obligation to supervise the observance of the fund principles and of the financing regulations and intervene only in case of necessity.

Yes, the Youth Fund is run by young people. The NGO "Caroma Nord" permanently encouraged the involvement of young people in the organization. At the moment, the project implementation team includes 2 volunteers of the organization who have become employees in the meantime.

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