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NGO "Country of Free Community"


The priorities of our organization are the activation of youth in small communities, by involving them through cultural and educational activities and the implementation of their own initiatives in the community. Also non-formal education on media literacy, critical thinking, how the government works.

The dream is to open a full-fledged public youth space in the city. Because the city does not have such a space and young people from 18 to 35 do not have access to self-realization as individuals, do not understand that it can influence government decisions.

The problem we are trying to solve:

The small mining town of Ukrainske is located 30 km from Donetsk. But there is life here too. Young people are leaving because they do not see prospects. We believe that young people in small towns are entitled to the same opportunities as residents of large cities. We have very talented, creative young people, so we just need to give this chance and we use it 100 percent. We do not want the city to disappear from the map of the country. The city has potential, one of the potentials is young people and that is why we are going step by step to our dream. And we want to apply for the competition of the Youth Capital of Ukraine in a few years.

Lack of youth space and public space in general, residents of the community could gather and spend their free time on the growing abuse of alcohol, tobacco and drugs among young people. This leads to an increase in crime. Lack of work encourages young people to seek a better life abroad. But space will provide an opportunity as we plan this training for social business, IT professions and it will allow to solve both the problem itself and its consequences. And the low interest of local authorities in the development of youth activity and hence the development of local corruption.

The solution we are proposing:

The center will give young people the opportunity to choose from the streets and give them the opportunity to realize themselves by learning what they are interested in. young parents instead of getting drunk better learn to use a useful word to realize themselves. Team up and create your own projects and implement them. People change in favor of someone else's event. it is very important that you are noticed that your opinion is taken into account, that your actions in the common cause are important.

"Changes are happening to us and the youth center will be thereby making a difference. Where every person who feels the hormone and the skin will feel the thuja and kinship that goes just will not want. Startups will be created here, which we will implement together in the community and the team will start to come to life. The center will provide opportunities to reduce youth crime. Reduce alcohol and drug abuse.

And everyone wants to stay in a community of capable and happy people.

So these are dreams. But."

" We are taking measures to show how you can spend your leisure time without alcohol and tobacco. We implement social action projects, so we unite the residents of the community. We created a documentary film club, the theme is human rights. created a club according to the Swedish method of folk teaching.

There is a recording studio where everyone can record their poems, songs, greetings. we are working on creating a local radio. we create a school of volunteers. we also carry out ecological actions. Evening board games. In summer, an open-air cinema. The project of the park ""Mosaic"" is created."

What success looks like for us:

"This youth center, like a hive in its rich hundreds and many bees, is at first glance doing its own thing, but in reality it is a large joint project that empowers the community. and everyone. This is a big family. Each one has this feature, but the skin is part of the big one.

Young people are beginning to take an active part in social action projects. The youth center is open 24/7. employment and premises are 100% planned for 6 months in advance"

Where we are are based:

Donetsk region, Ukrainian

Funding we are applying for:

$14,000 - $15,000 per year

How this funding will help us achieve our goals:

We have premises, we have some equipment, but there is a lack of repairs and equipment for the youth center to work. we also lack the funding for the salary of the center administrator who will work at this center. We have volunteer coaches volunteers for some activities but that's not enough. that's why we really need a modern designer center, which created a project for us with full inclusion. center without restrictions.

How this funding will strengthen our group:

We can implement all our projects and involve as many people as possible in joint projects. Our organization will be strong in the implementation of social action projects. We will have a basis for activities that will be aimed at protecting human rights, we are participants in the ratification of the Istanbul Convention, but most residents of our community do not know what it is about. we will be able to conduct and teach how to conduct local advocacy companies. teach how to achieve goals and get results without the use of force.

How we gain by being a Spark Fund partner:

Having become partners, we would very much like to have the opportunity to complete the renovation and open an institution. we really wanted to get an internship in other organizations. opportunity for young people to get study trips. Where some of them did not leave the region before the age of 25. but have the ability. also we wanted to get equipment and the opportunity to pay salaries to 2 managers. We really want the youth of our town to believe in themselves and that the world is a rainbow and the world is so bright and big. and everything comes true if you strive and go to your dream.

How we would like to spend a grant through the Spark Fund:

"Buy materials for repairs, because we will do the repairs ourselves with the help of volunteers and small businesses.

We will also purchase equipment that is lacking. where the equipment for launching a training project and creating a social enterprise based on the MC and the salaries of 2 employees of the center. And payment of partially utility services (electricity)"

Our Annual Income:

25 000,00 грн

Our Organization Structure:

"Decisions are different, so making them is also different. issues such as payment for utilities are taken by the manager, hiring (ie small) some decisions are made by the board or the team. and decisions of a global nature, such as changes to the statutes or reporting, are taken by the general meeting. we have adopted a policy of the organization."

We have a clear structure of the organization where the division of responsibilities.

Youth for us is not tomorrow youth for us is today and after where in what time they will start to manage the cities, the state. And now our task is to find them all possible resources to realize their dreams, goals, objectives. Also, the opportunity to make decisions so far gives the development of their critical thinking, the creation of communication branches with each other.

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