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The public organization was established on the initiative of young people on May 15, 2018 to be able to officially influence the development of the youth environment in the city of Rubizhne.

Until 2014, we have been active as volunteers, organizing charity events and holidays, cultural and educational trips for children and youth, as well as humanitarian aid to vulnerable groups, people with disabilities, IDPs, large families and more. Regardless of cultural differences, gender and sexual self-identification, racial, national, linguistic, political, religious, ethnic, property or other affiliation, we show respect for people and the existing diversity and diversity of human relations. United in diversity, we see our ability to listen and our openness as an effective lever that stimulates development and innovation. We are constantly working on self-improvement.

Our dream is for young people to consider our city interesting and worthy of their future life and not to leave it. To have the desire to develop the economy, cultural sphere, social aspects and other rights and opportunities of the inhabitants of our hometown. We want to provide access to convenient and educational tools in the context of the development of communication skills to create productive and successful living conditions for young people in rural areas and to attract youth activities for the benefit of the whole community.

The gender profile of the community will be updated to meet needs of youth of the annexed villages and cities and provided ongoing police consultations on security and combating gender-based and domestic violence in rural areas through the signing of a memorandum.

Our priorities are promoting the initiatives and activities of members of the Organization and others in all spheres of society, expanding them in the formation and implementation of public policy to solve social problems of children and youth;

  • Promoting the effectiveness of state youth policy at the regional level;
  • Promoting the strengthening of material, technical and financial support of institutions, establishments working with children and youth
  • Assisting in the support of youth and children's public organizations and their unions in the implementation of programs aimed at solving the problems of children and youth;
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle of children and youth, a responsible attitude to their own health and the health of others;
  • Promoting the preparation of young people for family life and supporting young families;
  • Promoting the education of patriotism, the development of spirituality of children and youth, the organization of meaningful leisure.
  • Formation of children's and young people's respect for the Law and prevention of negative phenomena in the youth environment.
  • Promoting the realization of the rights of children and youth with disabilities

The problem we are trying to solve:

The NGO “MO“ DREAMS OF YOUTH ”initiated the creation of a “Mobile Consultation Point” in partnership with the RMCSP, due to which a survey of villagers was conducted to study the needs of young people. Based on the results of the questionnaire, a working meeting was held, which involved representatives of the NGO, representatives of the city authorities, and elders and villagers, where the following settlements were identified for the project:

Rubizhne, Golubivka, Complaint, Klimivka, Barbarian and Kudryashivka villages.

The complexity of the socio-economic situation in villages, does not contribute to self-determination, socialization and self-realization of young people

  • Young people are little aware of the opportunities to participate in decision-making processes at the community level, they do not have such experience.
  • Lack of clear understanding and lack of prevention of negative phenomena in children, youth and society.
  • Passivity and low level of civic consciousness of young people.

We will create a gender-sensitive communication and media space for social development and leisure for young people in the villages of the Rubizhne territorial community, taking into account young people of vulnerable categories. Socialization of youth, improvement of psychological state of youth through possibility of self-development, increase of activity of youth in implementation of social initiatives by carrying out information - explanatory and educational work among youth of villages of community.

The solution we are proposing:

By creating gender-sensitive communicative-media spaces in the village of Varvarivka, Golubivka (Klymivka, Skarhivka), Kudryashivka and Rubizhne, we will involve young people in actively promoting changes in the community in the field of youth policy through participation in activities to develop communication skills, self-knowledge, self-defense, team building, and involvement in competitions, where young people will have the opportunity to express their civic position on the safe environment of the newly created TG and their own contribution to the future map of the safe Rubizhne territorial community. We will establish interaction between the youth and the authorities of the Rubizhne territorial community.

By conducting educational activities, consultations and informal interviews with youth of community villages in order to interact with the police on the basis of trust, transparency, we will support prevention and counteraction of gender-based and domestic violence in all its manifestations and to prevent negative phenomena in children and youth.

What success looks like for us:

Success for us is that young people will be more involved, educated and proactive in community life. The organization consists of young women and men, boys and girls of the community, who voiced their needs and problems, suggested ways and ideas for their implementation. We constantly keep in touch with the target groups on which our activities are directed, we openly express our position on important socio-political processes. We are constantly working to ensure that the widest possible sections of the population know what we are doing. Also, focus groups were set up at the beginning to interview young people from the community, including vulnerable youth, in order to set priorities for youth policy development.

Where we are are based:

Rubizhne, Ukraine

Funding we are applying for:

$14,000 - $15,000 USD per year

How this funding will help us achieve our goals:

The created youth spaces in the villages of Rubizhne community can be used in the future as platforms for forums, conferences, lectures, master classes for youth and active residents of the community, spaces for joint work of active youth communities of the district, favorable environment for self-organization, public activism. increasing social cohesion, promoting tolerance and inclusiveness in communities.

How this funding will strengthen our group:

In a pandemic, the funding raised will support the stable operation of the organization and provide an opportunity to conduct some activities online, which will add more mobility in the interaction between the youth of cities and villages.

How we gain by being a Spark Fund partner:

We would like to gain access to youth training, capacity development, and involvement of experienced specialists. The Spark Fund will let us gain the opportunity to gain new experience in working with young people, and the opportunity for international and national exchange of experience. We also hope to establish partnerships with more experienced and influential international youth organizations and get the opportunity to financially support the youth initiatives of the newly formed Rubizhne community.

How we would like to spend a grant through the Spark Fund:

We will create gender-sensitive communicative-media spaces in the village of Varvarivka, Golubivka (Klymivka, Skarhivka), Kudryashivka and Rubizhne. We will conduct educational activities, consultations and informal interviews with the youth of the villages of the community in order to prevent and counteract gender-based and domestic violence in all its forms and to prevent negative phenomena in children and youth.

Our Annual Income:

5828 EUR

Our Organization Structure:

The highest governing body is the general meeting. We also have a Board: which includes the chairman of the organization and chairman of the board, secretariat, supervisory board, and audit committee.

The organization consists of 20 active members from among the youth. All important decisions are made by a majority of members, taking into account the views of the minority and following the existing procedures in the organization. We work together with the whole team on solutions that affect our activities, allow it to expand and improve.