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NGO “Modern Women's League”

The dream is that student girls won’t be suffer from violence and will be able to protect themselves, support each of them and will be able to seek help. We also dream of intensifying youth social work in small towns, not just in the millionaire cities. The goal is to expand the “Space of the Aware and Protected” among female students about different ways to resist gender-based violence.

The problem we are trying to solve:

The participation of young people in civil activity allows to be involved in change, to protect their interests, to implement own ideas and to find themselves.

Statistics in Sumy indicate that there are more and more cases of domestic violence in Sumy: in 2020 the police received 2330 reports, and in 5 months of 2021 - 1035. It is also recorded that the vast majority of victims are women and girls and that in most cases they do not dare to publicize because of disbelief in receiving help.

In addition, in the conditions of Covid-19 the situation became even more complicated. In Ukraine, the number of cases of domestic abuse increased by 66%. This means that it is impossible not to continue to teach girls to identify and counteract this shameful event. The current state of the problem of violence in our community impedes development, disturbs the balance of comfort and coziness of women and girls, which threatens their successful and secure future. If women are not taught the psychological techniques of self-defense and self-defense techniques, it can be a great risk. That problem will spread: an increase in the number of victims of violence and the formation of a "victim position", especially among female students.

The solution we are proposing:

Girls will be able to recognize various manifestations of violence, learn to psychologically and physically counteract violence and seek help. As a result, in the future they will significantly reduce the risks of being among the victims of violence, as well as be able to help their immediate environment.  Participation in the project will allow students to create and disseminate author's creative messages about violence against women. This will expand the space of female students aware and protected from violence.

- the attitude of girls to the problem of violence in general will change, in particular, it will move from the number of “closed”, “intra-family” and will acquire the status of those that must be discussed and need to be addressed;

- The girls will be able to identify different types of violence, understand the psychological techniques of behaviour in situations of risk;

-the students will be able to protect themselves physically;

- The girls will practice mutual support techniques;

- The students will feel safe and make creative products to expand it in our city.


Within our pilot project "Aware and protected" (February-March 2020) (links to some of the project activities https://www.facebook.com/groups/584994415362615/permalink/772678879927500/, https://www.facebook.com/groups/584994415362615/permalink/758237574704964/) there was a successful testing of our idea.

In 2022 we are planning:

Create a project team, detailing the plan and its public announcement (January 2022).

  1. Creating an NGO account on Instagram for the successful promotion of the Project, its management, "promotion" and current individual consultations (at least 12) for the project team by an SSM specialist to improve the skills of successful communication on Instagram. Objective: access of the NGO and the Project to the information platform, which is popular among young people for greater recognition of NGOs among the youth audience and wider dissemination of information about the Project
  2. Members of the NGO (6 people) underwent training "Insta-training: how to make your account successful" (5 lessons of 6 hours). Purpose: to form team members skills to create a content plan; use of programs for photo processing, promotion, planning and posting, as well as the study of innovations in the work of Instagram algorithms and collaboration with bloggers and thought leaders. This will increase the activity of the public organization on Instagram and draw the attention of young people to the activities of the Project; to attract a youth audience to the page.
  3. Recruitment of the first group of training participants from the representatives of female students of Sumy through online questionnaires. Objective: to select participants motivated to learn and increase their knowledge in the problem of domestic and gender-based violence. Creating NGO's account on Instagram for successful project promotion. Providing current individual consultations, not less than 12. (February 2022)
  4. Training sessions of the social-psychological block (five 4-hour trainings for the first group). Purpose: to help maintain students' confidence in the need to combat various forms of domestic and gender-based violence (March-April 2022).
  5. Physical self-defense trainings (five two-hour trainings for the first group). Objective: to form students' initial practical skills of physical self-defense to combat gender-based violence (March-April 2022).
  6. Organization of work of the participants of the first group within the "creative workshop" and their support (3 lessons of 4 hours). Purpose: to create a certain "product" (video, games, performances in the format of a forum theater, thematic exhibition, etc.) to develop the results of the project participants and expand the audience and expand the space of aware and protected from violence (May 2022).

What success looks like for us:

For the community: The problem of violence will become even more open, it will get out of the category of backstage. Women will realize that there is always a way out of the problem and every woman has the resources to do so.

For participants:

The girls will be able to defend themselves and learn to resist various forms of violence;

The participants will be able gain an appropriate level of psychological readiness to resist violence;

The girls will acquire physical self-defense skills and will be able to feel them more confident and protected;

Where we are are based:

Sumy, Ukraine

Funding we are applying for:

$14,000 - $15,000 per year

How this funding will help us achieve our goals:

Funding will allow us to work on the prevention of violence among female students in accordance with their requests: interactive and innovative. Thanks to funding we will be able to:

to involve competent trainers for conducting classes in psychology, social work and self-defence;

rent a place for training sessions / creative workshops and place where girls will be able to gather and discuss issues related to combating violence;

provide participants with materials for active participation in trainings and for the production of their creative products that will help expand the space of knowledge and protection.

How this funding will strengthen our group:

The project will use the analysis of anonymous appeals of participants through the box "I want to say / ask...". Feedback with project participants will be implemented (anonymous questionnaire). Based on observations, an analysis of behavioural changes of project participants (to analysis success stories) will be performed.

How we gain by being a Spark Fund partner:

We are a young and isn’t big regional NGO without own funds. Financial resources received from the Spark Fund will help implement the project “Space for the Aware and Protected” . We also really want to get acquainted with the international experience of women's youth social work and, if possible, to implement best practices in our work.

How we would like to spend a grant through the Spark Fund:

We are a young and isn’t big regional NGO without own funds. Financial resources received from the Spark Fund will help implement the project “Space for the Aware and Protected” . We also really want to get acquainted with the international experience of women's youth social work and, if possible, to implement best practices in our work.

Our Annual Income:

27,522 EUR

Our Organization Structure:

The decisions of our NGO are made by its board.

The main governing body of the organization is the general meeting. Current issues of the public organization's activity are decided by the board and the head of the organization. The office of the public organization includes: project manager, volunteer group leader, project teams. Experts are also involved in the professional support of project activities.

Our organization has a representative of the active young people. In the volunteer corps of our organization they are the majority. Young people take an active part in planning the work of the organization. Thanks to the young part of our NGO we had opportunity to implemented project “Digital volunteering is a bridge between generations” in Sumy.

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