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NGO “New Stebnyk”


The purpose of the creation and activity of the public organization "New Stebnyk'' is the diverse development of Stebnyk. “New Stebnyk” is a platform for the implementation of ideas, project preparation, team and individual work to ensure sustainable and comprehensive development of Stebnyk. “New Stebnyk” is engaged in educational (lectures, trainings, debates, etc.) and cultural events (music evenings, film screenings), development of volunteering, promotion of active participation of young people in socio-economic, socio-political, cultural, economic life of the town, involving of grant and social projects, development of business, creation of tourist attractiveness of Stebnyk.
The organization promotes the formation of youth, comprehensive development and integration into public life, the formation of the younger generation of leadership skills, responsibility, financial literacy, project management and teamwork.

The main purpose of the organization "New Stebnyk" in the charter is to promote the development of territorial communities, building civil society and interaction with the public in various spheres of life. Our dream is to become successful in a successful city.

The problem we are trying to solve:

"According to the British urbanist Charles Landry, modern successful cities are cities where residents can become their co-creators. That is, they have the opportunity to create cities that are most comfortable for them.

In order to create, it is very important to have communication platforms where citizens can gather, get acquainted, produce ideas for the development of the city and share them both with each other and with local authorities."

"It is due to the lack of such a communication platform to address pressing issues of citizens and youth in particular, weak interaction between young people in the town, local authorities and business is a need to create a youth space in Stebnyk.

The aim of the project is to create a platform where the youth of the town could gather, discuss important issues, hold events, find like-minded people, produce and implement their ideas. This place would also become a kind of school for the formation of new community leaders, which is very important in the current times of change."

The solution we are proposing:

"It is proposed to create a youth center, on the basis of which cultural and educational events will be held. Stebnyk Youth Center will be a progressive youth educational space and a platform for communication of the town's youth. The center will be opened to anyone who has something to share with the town's youth audience. For the event it will be enough to agree on the format and time of the event with the administrator. For its operation, the youth center will attract both funds from local governments and local businesses."

The youth center will give young people the opportunity to share leisure time with others, satisfy their interests and develop their own talents. The place is free from discrimination on any grounds, special place is given to inclusiveness.

Today, New Stebnyk conducts trainings for young people on involvement in city management. Participation in such trainings is free. The location where the events are held is not equipped for events, the equipment used is of poor quality – this greatly reduces the quality of the events.

What success looks like for us:

"The organization includes people under 23, all activities of the organization are aimed at young people.

We believe that a youth center will give a new impetus to the development of Stebnyk and youth, in particular, by becoming a platform for communication, generating innovative ideas and forming young leaders who will change both the city and the country."

Where we are are based:

Stebnyk (Lviv region); Ukraine

Funding we are applying for:

$12,000 - $14,000 per year

How this funding will help us achieve our goals:

"The creation of a youth center in Stebnyk will promote socialization and self-realization of young people, their intellectual, moral, spiritual development, realization of creative potential and national-patriotic education, promotion of healthy lifestyles, employment and leisure, youth entrepreneurship, civic education of youth.

The youth center will be a place for learning, generating new ideas, holding presentations, workshops, meetings and healthy recreation, a common space for interesting and useful communication of active youth, a place for communication of young people with entrepreneurs, business leaders and authorities. Most importantly, the creation of a youth center will provide an opportunity for creative young people to find a source of inspiration, share ideas and realize themselves.

​​A youth center is the solution to the problem of the lack of a place where young people could fully develop their skills, talents, communicate with peers, plan and organize events, and just relax with the benefit and pleasure.

The main purpose of the organization ""New Stebnyk"" in the charter is to promote the development of territorial communities, building civil society and interaction with the public in various spheres of life.

The activities of the Youth Center will directly contribute to the realization of the main goal of the organization.

How this funding will strengthen our group:

The creation of a youth center will significantly increase the capacity of the organization "New Stebnyk", as first of all a location will be created where the organization will be able to hold its meetings and gatherings. In addition, this project will promote the formation of new community leaders who will create and implement new projects for the sustainable development of the town.

How we gain by being a Spark Fund partner:

Becoming a partner of Spark found, we hope to receive support for an important project for us - the creation of a youth center in Stebnyk. There are many talented young people in our city who have no place for self-realization. By creating such a space, we will influence the development of both our city and the country as a whole.

How we would like to spend a grant through the Spark Fund:

"Action plan for project implementation
1. Renovation of the premises
2. Arrangement of the center and purchase of necessary equipment;
3. Formation of the work plan;
4. Advertising the center and attracting young people
5. Carrying out of cultural, educational actions, meetings, etc."

Our Annual Income:

In 2020 the organization got UAH 350,000 for various projects, including: UAH 15,000 – members' contributions, UAH 75,000 – local budget funding, UAH 200,000 – grant funds, UAH 60,000 – sponsorship funds. In 2021, UAH 722, 000 were involved in the projects: UAH 22,000 – contributions from members of the organization, UAH 320,000 – from the local budget, UAH 380,000 – sponsorship funds.

Our Organization Structure:

"Membership in the organization is freewill and individual. The organization includes 20 members, who work exclusively on a voluntary basis. The average age of the organization's members is 23 years.

Decisions on the activities of the organization are made at the general meeting and at the meeting of the Board of the organization. "

The general meeting of members of the organization is the highest body of the organization, which has the right to make decisions on any issues of its activities, including those that fall within the competence of the board. The board of the organization is the governing body for the period between the general meeting, is elected for a term of five years and performs the functions of managing its current, organizational activities. The Board is accountable to the general meeting and organizes the implementation of their decisions. All members of the organization have equal voting rights. In a situation where the issue under discussion receives the same number of votes, the vote of the head of the organization is decisive.

New Stebnyk is a youth organization that began its activities to stop the mass migration of young people from Stebnyk. After analyzing the issues, it became clear that the town has a range of related problems, that lead to the departure of young people from Stebnyk. The organization is an association of people who care about the development of the town, those who are ready to take responsibility for positive change, both in the community and in the country as a whole.

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