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NGO "«Ukrainian union of persons with disabilities – USI»"



NGO "«Ukrainian union of persons with disabilities – USI»"


The purpose of the NGO is to protect social, economic, creative and other interests of people with disabilities.

The main tasks of the NGO:

  • -sports, cultural, educational, creative and scientific activities of people from disability;
  • -conducting cultural and mass work among people with disabilities;
  • -development of tourism for people with disabilities;
  • -organization of social rehabilitation of people with disabilities, provision
  • -assistance in rehabilitation and recreation of people with disabilities;
  • -international assistance
  • -cooperation of people with disabilities of Ukraine and persons withdisability of other states
  • -conducting cultural and educational work on the protection of rights and interests of people with disabilities

Creating an inclusive environment in which young people with disabilities would feel protected and able to realize their potential as full members of the country. Our goal is to socialize and strengthen the involvement of young people in active processes, such as learning and development, employment.

The problem we are trying to solve:

This is important for me ,because I am raising a child with autism. It is my motivation - the opportunity to destroy the existing discrimination against children with disabilities and their families, to create new opportunities for a dignified and equal life in society, the opportunity to make changes for the better, because as a result of our work children have a chance for a full future."

"In our country and our city, for example, there are no equal conditions for developing one's own potential and leadership for people with disabilities. In particular, there are no equal opportunities for the development of professional or social skills. Young people suffer from social isolation and indifference to them"

The solution we are proposing:

This will help increase the involvement of young people with disabilities in processes that currently do not contribute to the development of leadership skills, motivation and equal opportunities, compared to those citizens of Ukraine who do not have existing or obvious disabilities.

"Thanks to the successful implementation of the project, conditions will be created for the development of leadership in children and youth with disabilities due to intellectual disabilities. Due to the practical experience of conducting specialized inclusive camps and meetings, field lectures and art events, the goal will be achieved. Also, a comic book will be developed and published, a kind of hint of volunteering on the principle of ""peer-to-peer"" to create an inclusive environment and overcome existing stereotypes"

"We are currently working on the development of conceptual plans for inclusive training camps. Our team continues to work to increase the involvement of young people with disabilities through motivational meetings and trainings (6 per month) and foreign language classes in integrated online groups. Also, our NGO is the only organization that implements the social service ""Assistant to a child with a disability during the educational process"" and we train professionals ... who will be the providers of this service. All our efforts and resources are now focused on strengthening the involvement of young people and overcoming social stereotypes, by improving leadership skills and motivation. a model of online and offline activities is being developed that will promote the development of emotional stability and confidence."

What success looks like for us:

"Creating a school of leadership and motivation ""My Way"", which will work in the format of online and offline meetings. Involvement of more than 60 participants, including young people with and without disabilities. Overcoming social stereotypes about the inability of young people with disabilities to fully learn. Creating an inclusive environment by forming support groups and support groups to strengthen cohesion.

The total number of classes is -170 with the involvement of qualified coaches, art teachers and athletes in motivational meetings. Promotion of the project and dissemination of information in the network with the involvement of all available communication techniques .

It is worth noting that there are trained leaders among young people with disabilities and young people without disabilities. They will be ambassadors for the further development of inclusive camps and leadership development schools and the distribution of a volunteer guidance book, to create a level playing field for children and youth in community life and to unleash their leadership potential. Another very important aspect of the impact is that young people with disabilities due to intellectual disabilities will be able to defend their rights and their voice will be heard."

Where we are are based:

Vinnitsa City, Ukraine

Funding we are applying for:

$14,000 - $15,000 per year

How this funding will help us achieve our goals:

"Supporting our initiative will strengthen the impact of young people with disabilities on the city's youth and social policies and promote greater social cohesion, even greater involvement of people with disabilities in social areas such as education and leisure, stimulate personal and group leadership skills and strengthen the motivation of our target audience "

How this funding will strengthen our group:

Financial support will help to implement all the plans that are currently supported by the coordinated work of volunteers and concerned NGO partners, as well as strengthen the existing tools to influence and implement the plan - creating equal opportunities for learning, leadership and motivation, leisure and social inclusion

How we gain by being a Spark Fund partner:

Being a Spark Fund grantee partner means the possibility of international cooperation and strengthening interaction between citizens of Ukraine and other countries. We want to be part of a team that will promote and strengthen the values ​​of humanism.

How we would like to spend a grant through the Spark Fund:

"The received financial support will be used to attract trainers and teachers and organization of online / offline training, purchase of equipment, payment for the services of a designer and a photographer / videographer, and costs related to the production of printed materials. Accommodation and meals for participants during field trainings and seminars, inclusive camps, materials for master classes and payment of unplanned expenses"

Our Annual Income:

200 000 uah

Our Organization Structure:

We are practicing a democratic approach to voting, where each member of the NGO has the right to vote, which is taken into account in decision-making.

Each member of the NGO acts in accordance with the statute in force. Delegation of powers is also becoming an important aspect of strengthening co-participation and coordination between all NGO members

"Yes, we are a youth-led organization. It means a lot to me. Firstly, it expands the sphere of influence and protection of the rights and freedoms of people with disabilities. Secondly, it is an opportunity to help protect social, economic, creative and other interests of people with disabilities. Thirdly, you become the person that people trust and hope for when a young person with a disability needs help."