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NGO "Youth center "Creators of history"


The creators of history are a youth public organization. Young people created this organization to create conditions for the development of young people in post-industrial small towns. We are currently working in areas such as volunteering, helping families in crisis and large families with many children. International cultural exchanges of experience. We deal with urban planning and create cultural and educational events.

To create an innovative youth center - an equipped place for the development of young people, the realization of their creative and mental potential. The youth center, thanks to which a community of young people will be formed, who will jointly develop solutions to society's problems, find resources and implement these ideas, take care of the environmental situation, create international collaborations with public activists from other countries and thus strengthen each other.

The problem we are trying to solve:

We love our city, but we see how people suffer from a lack of knowledge, skills, as well as from the uninitiated, indifferent attitude of others. If this manifestation is acceptable for the older generation, then we, as young people, look to the future. We need conditions for development, we do not want to run away from problems in search of a better life, but to unite, develop and create it together.

Young people leave small post-industrial cities for larger cities, such as Kiev, in order to be able to work, develop, and spend their leisure time. Small towns are emptied, large factories, mines around which cities were built are closed and the city is left without jobs. 80% of the local budget is filled with mines that are on the verge of closure, there are delays in salaries, staff reductions. A city in which there is barely enough money to cover its expenses, to provide the infrastructure that is on the balance sheet of the city - such a city cannot create conditions for the development of its inhabitants. Therefore, it is surrounded by dullness, anxiety from COVID-19 and the war with Russia. After all, we are located 100 km. from the front line. Part of our area is occupied. The problem is that not everyone can afford to leave. Many have families, as well as families in crisis, in which there are young people and children. And they all need to somehow develop, so we stay and want to create conditions for the development of a strong local society.

The solution we are proposing:

We want to create a place where young people and children can gather, have communication, access to resources and develop. For example, study IT technology, work with video, record songs, study architecture and urbanism, and be able to visit other developed countries. This will help unite those people who want to develop, create something. When a person sees that he can influence the state of affairs, and also has like-minded people and support for his ideas, hopelessness, dullness, despondency, anxiety about what is happening in the east of Ukraine leave. To be not alone, not to be alone with problems and anxieties is very good, this is our psychological health, as well as the future generation of free, conscious people who, with their skills, are ready to take care of what surrounds them. Such a place will help develop them.

First of all, it will change your life on a personal level. It will give you an understanding of how the environment, society works and what is our role in this. It will give you the opportunity to hone skills, unleash the potential of young people, and also change the state of affairs at least at the local level. For example, eliminating unauthorized landfills through creativity, landscaping and urbanism, and social video creation. The place we are creating is like a place of some kind of shelter where young people can not bury their dreams and aspirations, but, on the contrary, develop and realize them together. The state of inner hopelessness and powerlessness in the face of the challenges we face will change. Through work with youth, other age groups will also see that communities of people can change something through development.

We have already created an outdoor Public Space in an abandoned place, which has many eco-friendly elements and we want to continue to develop this in areas that are threatened with green pollution. We also started to create a place where young people can gather indoors, in the cold season, or work with equipment. We started to renovate it, made the floor, lighting, drainage, but we do not have the funds to maintain this place, and also equip it with the necessary equipment.

What success looks like for us:

"Almost daily working youth space, a formed team, provided with resources, the necessary equipment. Stable teamwork to solve problems - this is how our success looks like.

The projects and events that we organize always involve young people. After the projects, we collect feedback, conduct reflection with young people, analyze, share our impressions. We create projects for young people. For example street art. And even when the project is not designed for young people, for example, for children, the team that brings the project to life is the youth. But for the most part, this is a feedback from young people themselves, how this or that project influenced their life, their thinking, understanding of themselves, people from other countries, what skills they managed to develop. Thus, we see the direct and indirect results of our work with youth."

Where we are are based:

Dobropillia, Donetsk region; Ukraine

Funding we are applying for:

$14,000 - $15,000 per year

How this funding will help us achieve our goals:

We will be able to open the doors of the space for young people and systematically work with young people during these 2 years, since we will have a salary center coordinator, as well as an equipped space. This will give us the opportunity to build a cohesive team, develop new partnerships and make the youth organization stronger over the years. But this is not the goal itself, the goal is what our organization does, i.e. this will lead to a more systemic, stronger approach to solving society's problems.

How this funding will strengthen our group:

Our organization does a lot for youth and families in crisis, for our city. But due to the fact that there is no flexible funding that can be used to strengthen the weaknesses of the organization and develop the strengths, we attract funding to help others and still have not strengthened ourselves in any way. Today it is easier to attract funding for a specific social project than to provide the administrative part of the organization. Thus, no matter how hard we try to work harder, we help others, but we bury ourselves. People burn out and the team has to be re-formed over and over again. Therefore, this funding will strengthen us, we will be able to provide our rear, create a kind of base where we can work and develop. After all, it is we ourselves who produce the result, in this case the solution of problems, and if we are exhausted with each project, then we ourselves become a problem for society. We need to strengthen our base, increase resources in order to work steadily and daily on the development of society.

How we gain by being a Spark Fund partner:

Training for the team, networking, new partnerships and collaborations with alumni of the Spark Foundation, perhaps mentoring for in-line work, or consultations with specialists if necessary.

How we would like to spend a grant through the Spark Fund:

"Grant funds will be used in 4 areas:
1. Salary of the youth center coordinator
2. Equipment and furniture for the youth center
3. Software for equipment
4. On the current activities of NGOs"

Our Annual Income:

30 000 euro

Our Organization Structure:

We assemble a team for each new project, where we jointly distribute responsibility and authority among young people. We do not have a large structure, we are a small organization, so all key issues are resolved together. As for the main responsibility, the right to sign documents, this is borne by the head of the organization. In each individual project, everyone is responsible for the fulfillment of their functions, which everyone voluntarily wanted to take on.

Membership in an organization has equal powers among themselves. Decisions are taken by voting of the majority of members "for" or "against".

Yes, we are led by youth. We look at their interests, request and look for appropriate programs for these needs. We try to involve young people in the life of society, train and help them to realize their ideas, implement their solutions, as they see these solutions.

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