#YOUTH_ACTIVE_MK is a free educational and enlightening youth space where young people under 30 can spend their free time together safely, interestingly and usefully. We dream of a place for creative youth aged 14 to 30 to be able to develop their potential, safely, interestingly and usefully spend free time together, experiment, collaborate and learn with the help of digital technologies. I hope to attract a large number of young people living in Mykolaiv and surrounding communities to implement the project, to intensify the youth movement, promote a healthy lifestyle, affirm moral principles, jointly fight injustice and inequality, stimulate transformational change at the city, region and country. build a more inclusive world after a pandemic.

The problem we are trying to solve:

For us, young people are an important component of modern Ukrainian society, the bearer of intellectual potential, a determining factor of socio-economic progress. Unfortunately, Ukrainian youth do not receive the attention and support that is declared both by law and by the relevant decisions of local authorities and local governments. It is important to study the problems of local youth (in this case, the city of Mykolaiv and Mykolaiv region) and provide them with qualified professional assistance: information, legal, consulting, etc.

Absence in Mykolaiv and Mykolaiv oblast of youth centres, hubs or places where young people can spend free time and develop, where lectures, trainings and seminars for personal development and expansion of horizons will be held for young people, interesting games and simulations will be organized.

Given the lack of targeted cultural events, places for recreation, development, self-realization, self-presentation - young people do not develop, but rather degrade. The problem is especially relevant for young people living on the outskirts of the centre.

The solution we are proposing:

#YOUTH_ACTIVE_MK will provide an opportunity to teach young people to live an active life in the community, where it is possible to consolidate all efforts for the development of cultural and social projects for the community of Mykolayiv region within one location.

This project will simultaneously be:

- a platform for self-organization of active community members;

- place of providing qualified legal support (advice);

- a platform for creative workshops, concerts, lectures, workshops on various topics (project management, volunteering, healthy living, cultural life, learning folk crafts, etc.);

- space for joint work of active youth communities of the district (cultural activists, IT, cycling, youth organizations and others);

- a platform for self-organization of active citizens and grouping around the idea of ​​joint work aimed at sustainable development of our community;

- a place for learning foreign languages, professional orientation of young people.

The project will help young people to be active and find their place in the post-quarantine world.


The implementation of the project will be an opportunity for young people to implement their own ideas, change themselves and move the country forward.

The project is based on a combination of existing active youth forces of the Mykolayiv community, providing conditions for creative activity of youth in various fields of interest to it, launching several innovative forms and areas of work aimed at social integration of youth and its development. Communities of Ukraine, as well as from abroad.



Real steps that have already been implemented:

  1. Meetings with active youth were held.
  2. The list of directions and format of carrying out of actions within the limits of the project is defined.


Actual steps to be implemented:

  1. Creating pages in social networks;
  2. Production of advertising and information products about the project #YOUTH_ACTIVE_MK;
  3. Holding a press conference for the media, youth NGOs and youth associations;
  4. Carrying out of inventory of problems and a condition of development of youth policy in the city of Nikolaev;
  5. Search for premises for project implementation, conclusion of contracts;
  6. Purchase and lease of equipment (screen, projector, laptop, baners, software, SMM), conclusion of contracts;
  7. Holding a youth conference on the basis of the Black Sea National University named after Petro Mohyla;
  8. Organization of 6 activities within the project identified by young people as a priority in the following areas: IT, cultural heritage, local government, project management, tourism, volunteering, environmental protection.
  9. Participation of members of the organization in trainings and educational programs for organizational development, self-development of members of the organization.
  10. Holding a press conference on the results of the project.
  11. Project reporting.

What success looks like for us:

The success of the project will be at a high quality level, which will cover the most active part of local youth and youth organizations. The project will cover more than 1000 people from among active youth of the city of Nikolaev and the Nikolaev area. An input and output survey will be conducted as part of the project. The information obtained in this way will be a kind of stimulus and ideological basis for the implementation of the project for the second year. The initial programs will help to educate new thought leaders in the youth sphere who will be able to implement their ideas and projects, as well as to take an active part in the implementation of this project.

Where we are are based:

Mykolaiv, Ukraine

Funding we are applying for:

$14,000 - $15,000 per year

How this funding will help us achieve our goals:

A high-quality project has been implemented, which will cover the most active part of local youth and youth organizations. Thanks to the activities carried out within the project, namely: panel discussions, discussions, group work will create favorable conditions for creative and spiritual development of youth, its intellectual self-improvement. At the end of the project, young people will spread the idea of ​​creative and spiritual development of young people, their intellectual self-improvement and development of leadership qualities among young people in their regions and settlements. Our public organization will have the opportunity to implement the project at a high level, given its own extensive experience in youth policy and youth activities. The project will provide an opportunity for members of the public organization to participate in trainings, conferences, as well as an opportunity to organize quality events themselves using modern technologies.

How this funding will strengthen our group:

Members of our public organization and project team will become more professional in matters of grant management, project management. In addition, the experience gained will be taken into account during the implementation of other projects and activities. The project will provide an opportunity for closer cooperation with local communities and NGOs. Our public organization will have the opportunity to implement a cool and interesting project for young people and together with young people. Project members will be able to realize themselves in mentoring and supporting youth initiatives.

How we gain by being a Spark Fund partner:

Our organization plans to become a partner of Spark Fund and Global Fund for Children as an opportunity to improve the skills of members of our public organization, to participate in exchanges with partner countries (Armenia, Georgia, Moldova), in trainings on youth work. The public organization plans to expand its potential and opportunities.

How we would like to spend a grant through the Spark Fund:

The costs of the project are:

Salary of the project chairman 7200 USD for 24 months (2 years)

Salary of the project manager (youth coordinator) 6000 USD for 24 months (2 years)

Salary taxes: 22% of 13200 USD = 2900 USD

Office rent (including utility bills, taking into account the requirements of low mobility groups (1st floor, ramps, etc.): 300 USD x 24 months = 7200 USD

Office supplies (Ballpoint pens, paper, notebooks, paper folders, paper clips, file folders, etc.) - 200 USD

Banner 2x2 meters - 60 USD

Roll-Up banner 180x80 cm - 30 USD

Communications / Internet - 24 months x 10 USD = 240 USD

SMM / advertising on social networks 24 months x 100 USD = 2400 USD

Purchase licensed ZOOM PRO software 2 years x 150 USD = 300 USD

Buying a laptop 600 USD

Buying a projector 400 USD

Purchase a screen for the projector 60 USD

Services of trainers-consultants for 6 modules for 2 years. A total of 10 services of coaching consultants 12 services x 150 USD = 1800 USD

Staff trainings 2 people x 2 trainings x 100 USD = 400 USD

Services of preparation of the report on inventory of problems and a condition of development of youth policy in the city of Mykolaiv 1 service x 200 USD

The total amount of the project for 2 years is 29990 USD

Our Annual Income:


Our Organization Structure:

The General Meeting of Members of the Organization (hereinafter - the General Meeting) is the highest body of the Organization, which has the right to make decisions on any issues of its activities, including those within the competence of the Board. Its members participate in the General Meeting in person or through an authorized representative by power of attorney. Each member of the Organization has one vote. Meetings are considered valid if a majority of the members of the Organization are present.

The governing bodies of the Organization are: the General Meeting of Members of the Organization, the Board of the Organization, the Chairman of the Organization. The Chairman of the Organization chairs the meetings of the Board.

Its members participate in the meetings of the Management Board in person or through an authorized representative by power of attorney. Decisions of the Board are made by voting by a majority vote of those present. Each member of the Management Board has one vote. The vote of the Chairman of the Organization is decisive for the division of votes.

The Chairman of the Organization carries out operational management of affairs, property and funds of the Organization within the limits established by this Statute, the General Meeting and the Board and within the limits of his competence and authority ensures the implementation of their decisions.

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