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NGO "Moms In Action" contributes to the development of civil society in ATU Gagauzia through the provision of information and consulting services in the field of social entrepreneurship and business support for women and youth; by promoting non-formal education and active engagement with youth; through an integrated approach in providing educational and leisure activities for adolescents and children, contributing to the free implementation of women's entrepreneurship; through the creation and development of cooperation between the community, authorities, business environment, NGOs and the media, as well as partnerships at the international level.

The mission of the NGO "Moms In Action" is the creation of an active community of women entrepreneurs, with an emphasis on women mothers to improve the well-being of citizens and socio-economic development of ATU Gagauzia.

The problem we are trying to solve:

Our region desperately needs leaders who can interact with the community, unite sectors and participate in decision-making to jointly address the social, economic and environmental problems of the region. We see an opportunity to develop leaders through non-formal education methods, involving experts in training youth, implementing projects on the ground, attracting co-financing from government authorities and the business sector. Also, accompanying young people at the stages of researching a problem, generating ideas for solutions, and step-by-step implementation of an action plan. We also managed to create a concept for the development of youth leadership and eco-education, which we plan to scale up and promote at the level of ATU Gagauzia. Through the project, we will integrate the experience of several youth projects and carry out a number of activities in 3 regions of the autonomy to achieve the overall goal of the project.

Since 2019, the organization has been actively working in the development and promotion of youth leadership and eco-education. We are convinced that young people can create important changes in the community. The results of the projects we have implemented confirm that we are in the right direction. We are focused on working with young people from rural areas who are most vulnerable in gaining access to alternative education.

The solution we are proposing:

The project is aimed at the youth community and will contribute to the development of youth leadership through eco-education and the promotion of the mechanism of intersectoral interaction for jointly solving the environmental problems of ATU Gagauzia.
Expected results of the project:
- 100 representatives of the youth community, authorities, business environment, local NGOs took part in the online Presentation of the Project;
- At least 60 young people took part in the Eco-Leadership Academy and improved their competencies in the field of youth leadership, eco-education, social entrepreneurship;
- 6 social and environmental youth initiatives were implemented in 3 districts of Gagauzia to improve the environmental situation;
- 15 Follow up activities for 1000 the youth community to inform pupils of educational institutions about youth leadership and eco-education;
- 3 study visits for 60 youth to eco-managed enterprises aimed at informing about environmental management in practice;
- 6 video clips were created with the presentation of the results of youth initiatives to promote successful practices at the regional and national levels;
- 60 participants of the Forum-Fair of youth eco-entrepreneurship;
- At least 200 visitors to the Forum-Fair who learned about the project's activities, implemented eco-initiatives and successful practices of eco-activism;
- 30,000 residents of the region learned about the project's activities through informational publications in social networks and the media.

Project activities:
- Online Presentation of the Project with the participation of youth (January – March 2022);
- Academy of Eco-Leadership in 3 regions of the autonomy with the participation of experts. 9 online trainings/6 offline trainings (April – June 2022);
- Research of the youth community and the creation of initiative groups through methods of human design to achieve effective results of interaction in groups (July – September 2022);
- Competition of social and environmental youth initiatives and their implementation in settlements with the participation of mentors (October 2022 – March 2023);
- Follow up for the rural youth community (October 2022 – March 2023);
- 3 study visits for participants of Academy of Eco-Leadership (April – June 2023);
- Creation of videos to promote successful practices of youth leadership and eco-activism (July – September 2023);
- Forum-Fair of youth eco-entrepreneurship (October – December 2023).

What success looks like for us:

The organization has a number of implemented projects that were aimed at specific settlements. The results of the projects exceeded the expectations of the organization's team and we are convinced of the need to scale the concept of youth leadership and eco-education development in the region.

Where we are are based:

Comrat, ATU Gagauzia, Moldova

Funding we are applying for:

$14,000 - $15,000 per year

How this funding will help us achieve our goals:

The project will contribute to the promotion of youth leadership and eco-education among the youth community through training events with the participation of expert trainers, and will also provide financial support for the implementation of youth social and environmental initiatives in 3 regions of the autonomy.

How this funding will strengthen our group:

Through the project, the organization will be able to train local organizations from rural areas in the concept of activating and nurturing youth leaders to work with the youth community, develop the practice of implementing youth initiatives with the attraction of co-financing from the authorities and the business environment.

How we gain by being a Spark Fund partner:

We are pleased to receive professional training in the field of children and youth work, new successful practices of eco-activism and youth leadership at an international level.

How we would like to spend a grant through the Spark Fund:

Financial support from the Fund will be directed to the implementation of the activities specified in this application and in accordance with the project budget.

Our Annual Income:

42 500 EUR

Our Organization Structure:

Decisions are made by the Executive Director, according to the power of attorney of the Administrative Council. The structure of the organization at the time of application is presented: Executive Director / Project Coordinator - 1,

Organization Accountant - 1,

Project Assistant - 2,

Human Design Coach - 1,

PR Specialist - 1,

Mentors of youth groups (in different localities) - 4.

The governing bodies are: the General Meeting of the members of the organization, the Chairman and the Administrative Council of the organization.

Youth initiative groups have been created in 3 regions of the autonomy: Comrat district, Ceadir-Lungsky district, Vulkaneshti district. In addition, there are 2 Youth Councils in Avdarma and Kongaz villages.

Partnership has been established with 5 local non-governmental organizations: NGO Initiative (Vulcanesti), NGO Renastere (Chishmikioi), NGO Birlikta Kuvet (Baurchi), NGO Vector-Progress (Avdarma), Urban Center Comrat (Comrat)

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