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Platform of Social Development “SetUp”


Our organization has the following priorities:

1. Education of active and conscious youth;

2. Development of understanding of the concept and culture of human rights;

3. Development of critical and analytical thinking; In practical work with young people, we use debate as the main tool;

Our dream is to build a Debate Hall, which will be a centre for changing the culture of communication and human rights in Ukraine. This is a space where young people can be in a safe environment, express their opinions, find like-minded people and actively develop. The debate hall will be an additional social elevator for young people who will implement systematic changes in the country.

The problem we are trying to solve:

Our time has changed a lot, and it is very different from when our parents were growing up. Therefore, the older generation cannot fully understand the problems of the younger generation, and the advice they give to the young does not work. Thus, young people are left alone with their problems.

This is very reminiscent of the well-known story "The Lion King" when little Simba is exiled. He did not seek to meet fear and problems face to face but finds an imaginary paradise in the jungle, where he betrays his essence and nature. It is very similar to when young people are overuse social—networks, drugs and alcohol. But soon, after he finds moral support in the form of Timon and Pumba, he risks meeting these fears and descending into Hell, where he will face a battle with Scar. And maybe this battle is worth it. Perhaps it will bring success to him and those around him.

Our organization strives to give support for youth, educate new values and skills because modern tools for supporting youth are badly developed in our country. A low level of critical thinking, insufficient awareness of their rights and freedoms, a non-gender approach to upbringing, both boys and girls, leads to the formation of a traumatic paradigm of thinking, strengthens stereotypes and contributes to the fact that these problems either deepen, destroying a person, or are driven deeper, disrupting the quality of life of the individual.

In the era of the development of social networks (where young people spend at least 3 hours a day https://socialbuddy.com/how-much-time-do-people-spend-on-social-media/), the problem of clip consciousness has been actualized, which has become a challenge on the way to the formation of active youth. The reasons for this situation are the low level of critical thinking. Young people cannot escape the harmful effects of social media. The social networks often publish standards of beauty, standards of "beautiful life", idealistic models of appearance and behaviour based on consumption. Young people, comparing themselves to these standards, understand that they are far from ideal. This leads to lethargy and the search for easy solutions to problems, which are often ineffective.

Developing critical thinking through debate helps people reassess the paradigm of values ​​and reduce the impact of information flow on them.

The second consequence is a lack of understanding of the concept of human rights, which leads to the passivity of young people in protecting their rights. At school and at universities, young people are in a rigid hierarchy, where they constantly hear condemnation from others, and these are the conditions and frameworks where ways to protect themselves atrophy (Statistics say that 58% of children face systematic violations of human rights at school, and 27 % - 1-2 times, this is given that the awareness of human rights in our country is relatively low: https://zmina.info/articles/yak-porushuyut-prava-dytyny-v-shkoli-opytuvannya-batkiv/.)

The effect is enhanced by the fact that stereotypes are reinforced, prejudices and stigmas are formed. This reduces the level of pluralism, tolerance and openness of opinion in society, without which a "democratic society" cannot exist. A high level of intolerance is observed about Roma and LGBT people (47% each). Developing an understanding of human rights and protection tools and fostering the ability to defend their point of view can help young people deal with these consequences. And the development of constructive dialogue through debate will help rethink the paradigm of values ​​and expand pluralism in our society.

The solution we are proposing:

We propose to involve young people in the debate movement (in the network of debate clubs in Ukraine), to allow them to rethink the concept of human rights through our informal educational platform Setup.org.ua and its popularization. The debate club is where young people can find like-minded people, new friends, but most importantly, develop skills that are vital for them: psychological stability, rethinking values, and believing in themselves. Due to the pandemic, we are less and less able to use offline meetings, so we want to create an application that will help them learn. The Setup.org.ua platform uses the flipped class methodology, where young people learn theory on their own through watching a video. They practice and reflect on the acquired knowledge through debates, during online and offline meetings.

Therefore, by strengthening the network of debate clubs, we strive to help:

• Build a culture of mutual respect and acceptance among young people;

• Develop critical and analytical thinking skills and be able to resist propaganda and misinformation;

• Learn to identify violations of human rights and learn to defend their rights;

• Learn to take care of yourself and not allow you to cross your borders;

• Learn to express your opinion and defend it;

• Develop management and leadership skills among the leaders of the debate movement;

By fostering a culture of mutual respect, human rights, self-confidence and the ability to defend their position, young people will broadcast new behaviour patterns in society and on social media. We hope this becomes a role model for other young people to inherit, and by developing the leadership skills of the heads of debate clubs, we will be able to deliver more lasting results. The level of human rights violations will decrease. Through awareness of their rights, support of the organization and its members, and the developed ability to defend their point of view, young people will protect themselves. And thanks to the ability to identify violations of human rights, they can help others, at a minimum, inform them. By developing critical and analytical thinking skills, young people will reduce the impact of propaganda and misinformation. The ability to analytically and critically perceive information will protect them from radical ideas. Also, critical and analytical thinking skills will contribute to the development of healthy dialogue, which in turn will serve as an element of the development of pluralism in society.

To date, we have created an educational platform where young people can get training - Setup.org.ua There are 2 ready-made courses on this platform:

1. Debate course called Debate +

2. Course on human rights - HumanRights + The courses were implemented throughout Ukraine and selectively, we want to cover a large number of regions and, thanks to the project, consolidate it in 5 regions of Ukraine.

We want to complement courses on Debate and Human Rights to make them more accessible, attractive and youth-friendly. We run social networks Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/setup.go/) and telegram channel (https://t.me/debate_setup), in these social networks, we publish polls and information related to the topics of our organization. We plan to scale them up and make them more attractive in order to involve young people as much as possible. We also actively cooperate with various organizations that share their professional experience and human resources. These are the organizations of the Federation of Debates of Ukraine, which have the debate movement and help us to develop them, the MART organization, which has extensive experience in the field of Human Rights and gives us advice on working with youth. We are implementing a debate club management program that allows us to educate new leaders of the debate movement and which gives long-term results (we did this successfully in 2017 when we received a resource from the Democracy Fund)

What success looks like for us:

Success for us consists of two dimensions. The first is clearly measurable success:

- Five active debate clubs in different regions of Ukraine;

- Ten active clubs in schools and universities, in the different areas of Ukraine;

- Prepared by 15 leaders of debate clubs;

- When 2000 young people took the courses;

- When 2000 downloads of applications;

- When we got 10,000 website views;

- 200 people actively take part in the debate;

- 3000 subscribers in social networks;

And not clearly measurable success: This is

- An increase in the level of critical and analytical thinking;

- Raising the level of understanding of human rights and protection mechanisms;

- Reducing the level of intolerance in society; Increasing the level of pluralism among young people;

- Increasing the confidence and activity of young people;

We will collect the following data: We will systematically conduct a survey through the developed LMS (learning management system), showing us the level of understanding of human rights and how it has changed. In debates, we use the "Teb Master" program, which records the speaker's score (helping to assess the level of argumentation and, accordingly, the level of critical thinking), and over the course of two years, we will be able to trace their correlation clearly. LMS will also help us track the activity and visits of members of debate clubs. Thanks to the training of the leaders of the debate clubs in the modern management system, we will be able to track the progress of their work and help at all stages.

Where we are are based:

Vinnitsya, Ukraine

Funding we are applying for:

$12,000 - $14,000 per year

How this funding will help us achieve our goals:

This funding will help us:

• Facilitate people's access to knowledge and skills by improving the website and creating a mobile application:

• To simplify the work of the leaders of the debate clubs in the administration and management of the debate club through the introduction of the LMS (learning management system) on the website and mobile application;

• Improve the marketing campaign, increase the attractiveness of our organization by publishing information interesting for young people and increase their involvement in the debate movement: • Introduce debate circles in schools and universities;

• Improve the methodological base of the organization to improve the quality of training:

• To improve the methods of management and coordination of the work of the organization and representatives of the debate movement, through the introduction of modern management techniques (Agile as a flexible style of management, and SCRUM framework)

• introduction of tracking tools on the updated website and application (like https://www.atlassian.com/jira); Through the implementation of LMS (Learning Management system) on the website and in the application, carrying out systematic marketing activities and increasing the competence of coordinators of debate clubs, we will be able to:

• Organize a systematic replenishment of people in the debate club;

• Organize systematic theoretical and practical training;

• Organize a systematic collection and analysis of information from our work;

• Organize systematic work with experts;

How this funding will strengthen our group:

This funding will strengthen us in next points:

- Increase the systematicity of the organization's work thanks to hired employees;

- Through conducting training in NGO (training of leadership, management of debate clubs, non-conflict communication, Training for trainers of Human Rights),

- improve the quality of work of the organization's employees;

- Thanks to systematic marketing work, the attractiveness of the organization among young people and the ability to lure them into the systematic activities of the organization will increase; -

- Thanks to the developed application, LMS (Learning Management System) and website, we will increase the availability and quality of non-formal education;

- Thanks to the developed LMS (Learning Management System), the quality of management of debate clubs, data collection, monitoring and evaluation of the organization's effectiveness will increase;

- Thanks to the work of the methodologist, we will be able to improve the quality of materials of our courses;

- Thanks to the work of coordinators, debate clubs will gain stability, and thanks to the management, they will have a development strategy, which will lead to an increase in their effectiveness.

How we gain by being a Spark Fund partner:

We want to get support in the next fields:

1. Help to formulate a work plan more clearly;

2. Get contacts from other organizations to exchange ideas, tips and practices. We, in turn, are ready to share our developments. In case of support, we are ready to provide our web application, LMS (learning management system) and help create a debate movement in other countries;

3. Help to form the organizational structure of the organization;

4. Help allocate financial resources more efficiently;

How we would like to spend a grant through the Spark Fund:

We plan to allocate resources as follows:

1. Organize salary payments to people who will systematically work in the organization;

2. Organize application development, LMS (learning management system) and improve the website;

3. Improve the marketing component of the organization;

4. Organize training for employees of the organization;

5. Engage a methodologist who will help improve our methodological base;

Our Annual Income:

13 500 EUR

Our Organization Structure:

Every year we have strategic planning where we define our main goals and try to keep them during the year. We have democratic way of decision making in our NGO and approve all of them together. Every active member has a field of responsibility, and he should cover it.

In our organization, we have:
1. Project manager
2. Educational manager
3. Media Manager
For other stuff we hire or look for volunteers.
Also, many members of organizations work by themselves. They usually organize debate meetings, youth exchanges, pieces of training and other events.

For us, youth-led means to teach young people to dream as a leader. We strive to develop skills that help youth reach their life goals and make our society more sustainable.

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