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Pravo Vuboru (Right of Choice)

We are  youth-led and youth-focused non-profit organization  in Ukraine that is working to create transformational change and improve the lives of young people and their communities. Our priorities are youth development, city development, organising city-level events, helping people with disabilities, namely their socialisation and training.

The problem we are trying to solve:

Society does not know how to interact with blind people, and even less how to educate their children and teenagers who are faced with this problem. Because of this, blind people feel uncomfortable and do not get proper knowledge that they can use in life.

Social problems in the life of children with visual impairment are many and serious.

First of all there is the overprotective attitude of adults towards them, starting from birth. Their situation in the family is not the same as that of healthy children. They are not treated as social equals. There are many examples where parents, taking pity on their children with visual impairments, do not let them do anything, do almost everything for them. This special attitude causes correspondingly inadequate social reactions, which can stay with them for life. A child who grows up passively and accepts help indiscriminately soon becomes accustomed to it.

Since visual impairment leads to impaired social relationships, a blind child often develops a number of negative social attitudes (avoidance of sighted peers, dependency, inadequate situational behaviour). Preparation for independent life suffers from this.

Sometimes visually impaired children have compulsive movements that frighten sighted children, discourage them from communicating with a blind person. Special work is required to inculcate the ability to hold themselves freely in society, to move beautifully and casually, to communicate with different people, while mastering mimicry and pantomimicry. Without social experience, it is very difficult for blind people to prepare themselves for independent life.

Training and education is a prerequisite for the socialisation of young people, creating young opinion leaders who can positively influence the development of the city and the country as a whole. Moreover, the socialisation of young people with disabilities is important because they can show by their example that everyone, despite their age and abilities, can change themselves and the world for the better. We want to provide all kinds of training courses that will increase independence and improve communication skills, which are necessary for a quality and comfortable life.

The solution we are proposing:

We believe that there are three things that are important for blind children in the first place. In order for them to be able to adapt in society they need: the ability to communicate, the ability to navigate and move around independently, and the skills to use modern computer technology.
The everyday independence of the blind and visually impaired is one of the most important conditions for their successful family life. Learning how to do everyday chores is a relief from the learning of household activities eliminates petty, sometimes humiliating dependence on others, and allows one to believe in the ability to live with blindness, to be useful and needed by their family.

A blind person who has learned to act independently is able to adapt well among sighted people, expand their circle of acquaintances, feel equal among equals, find employment and build a happy family in the future.

We want to organise a meaningful, active, interesting holiday for blind teenagers, including:
- Formation of social orientation skills ("entertaining everyday life": personal hygiene, choosing and taking care of things, cooking, elements of sex education (safe sexual behaviour).
- Spatial orientation and mobility development (individual activities to reinforce walking with a cane, dance-movement therapy, quests, sports games)
- Etiquette rules (role-playing games, training)
- Communication rules (training, games)
- Increasing computer literacy, safe Internet.

What success looks like for us:


1 year:

- 20 blind teenagers will recuperate and rest at the sea and undergo a 10-day rehabilitation course to prepare them for independence.

- 10 volunteers will acquire the skills to accompany the blind.

- Publicity on social media - 1 000 000 people

In 5 years:

- 200 blind teenagers will recover and rest at the sea and undergo a 10-day rehabilitation course in preparation for independence.

- 100 volunteers will acquire the skills to accompany blind people.

- publicity on social networks

- 5 000 000 people

- Ongoing support from 3 sponsors to implement the project


- Improving the quality of life of blind children as exemplified by the participants in the "Path to Independence" project.

Where we are are based:

Kharkiv, Ukraine

Funding we are applying for:

$14,000 - $15,000 per year

How this funding will help us achieve our goals:

This funding is important for us to implement this project for the first time:

- find the best professionals to deliver the training sessions

- to attract volunteers

- to organize special training for volunteers so that in the future they could train other volunteers in Kharkiv and help blind teenagers to socialize

- Train parents on how to interact with blind children

How this funding will strengthen our group:

Thanks to this funding we will be able to make a quality PR campaign, such as publicity of the implemented project through social networks and news resources. This will enable us to attract as many people as possible, who will not be indifferent to this problem and will be involved in the activities of our public organization and help both physically and financially. We would also be able to attract sponsors to continue this project on a permanent basis twice a year.

How we gain by being a Spark Fund partner:

The Spark Fund can support us:

- financially: paying for training, travel, meals, staff work, etc.

- support in the search for specialists

- Creation of a PR campaign for the project (liaison with designers, brand makers)

- liaison with international media (BBC)

- franchising (legal assistance) to make the project worldwide

How we would like to spend a grant through the Spark Fund:

The first step is to organise a trip to Bulgaria to provide holidays for blind children and teenagers, providing accommodation, meals and transfers, as well as purchasing the necessary equipment for the trip. The second step is the purchase of material equipment for the trainings.

Our Annual Income:

3514 EUR

Our Organization Structure:

We have a board and we have set up a youth council under the board, which plans activities related to the youth policy of our organisation. The youth council has 6 members older then 30 years old. The most important decisions are taken by the general meeting. There is a chairman of the board and three board members. We are the driving force behind young people. For us, this means the constant development of teenagers as well as children with disabilities, supporting their initiatives, training, development.

Our activity is to create various city events for young people on a permanent basis :
1) The largest job fair in Ukraine Dream Job - 5000 people (200 people are employed per event);
2) Vsesvit IT (The universe of IT) - 5000 people (employment in the field of IT);
3) International camp - fair of international opportunities, internships; breakfasts with cultural figures, organisation of exhibitions and student balls and forums, concerts.

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