We are representatives of the PA "FREE COMMUNITY - COMFORTABLE CITY". 

These applicants provided a video application so their answers are in the boxes below. 

The problem we are trying to solve:

Arseniy: Well, how do you like it? And we, by the way, live like this. My name is Arseniy. I am a graduate of the Berdyansk Specialized School No. 16, a member of the Youth Council of Berdyansk, a debater and an aspiring journalist. Me and … Katya: ... Katya. Student, debater, and also an active member of our society. As a representative of Free Community – Comfortable City, we want to make the following statement: we have terrible toilets. Arseniy: The situation worries not only us, but also students, their parents, as well as teachers. Katya: Here you can see what our school toilets look like. *photo* Arseniy: As you can see, the situation is dire. The lack of commonplace doors, comfortable toilets, toilet paper and other personal hygiene products makes this place a cause of childhood trauma. Katya: “You can hear a lot in Ukrainian schools about the rights of the child, about national-patriotic education, about student-centered education, but very rarely about school toilets. Because it is “indecent”, because people are embarrassed to talk about it publicly, so when respected officials come to school, they are unlikely to be shown the toilet, they will show a concert in the renovated assembly hall and new stands about the rights of the child. By the way, the lack of cubicles in the toilets for high school students is a violation of state sanitary standards. " Arseniy: According to clause 7.5. "State sanitary rules and regulations, maintenance of general educational institutions", approved in 2001, toilet bowls in toilet rooms are installed for students of I degree educational institutions - in open booths, for students of II-III degrees - in booths with a door. All this is said in the article by Elena Strel’nik, Doctor of Sociology, article "The right to privacy: do your children go to school toilets?" dated December 1, 2016 (https://life.pravda.com.ua/columns/2016/12/1/220931/) Katya: This article was published on the page of journalist and feminist Natalya Tonkikh with the attached comment: “Toilets in kindergartens and schools are the most striking childhood trauma. I remember how the first graders cried in wet tights under the toilet, because the older girls would not let them in and scoffed, laughing, as the little one was dancing under the door. " Arseny: “And judging by the stories that I heard from my sister-schoolgirl, the same thing is happening now ... I was lucky to be brazen and courageous enough to ask for time off exclusively in the classroom and use exclusively the teacher's toilet, which is closed. "

The solution we are proposing:

Arseniy: The right to confidentiality is a basic human right, and the issue of equipping school toilets is not only a matter of sanitary standards, but above all a matter of human dignity. Katya: Many children do not go to school toilets. Girls who complain on Internet forums that they are embarrassed to go to the school toilet receive advice from their peers such as: do not drink water before school, go to the toilet at home, do not go to the toilet during recess, but ask for time off during the lesson, or just "be brave". Arseniy: as we can see, the problem lies not only in poor sanitation, but also in the psychological aspect of this issue. Outrageous violations of basic human rights, the right to health care, to privacy, to dignity:

What success looks like for us:

The success of the project lies not only in clean toilets, but also in changes of our society. This is not about room renovation. This is about the renovation of minds!

Where we are are based:

Berdyansk, Ukraine

Funding we are applying for:

$12 000 - $14 000 USD per year

How this funding will help us achieve our goals:

Katya: We are planning to install: cubicles, comfortable toilets, equip each cubicle with toilet paper and a holder for it, cleaners, and put boxes with personal hygiene products (such as pads, tampons) in women's toilets, since we want to take care not only of men but also about women's comfort. Arseniy: Cabins with doors will not only give a feeling of comfort and personal comfort, but also protect children from bullying and awkwardness.

How this funding will strengthen our group:

If we do win this grant, than our team will be:


  1. Motivated to go on and complete another projects
  2. We will obtain stronger social position, as people, who DO care about our society
  3. People will actually start talking about this problem!
  4. Seeing this, others will try to achieve the same success

How we would like to spend a grant through the Spark Fund:

We would like to install new toilets, as well as equip restrooms with all the necessary personal hygiene products.

Our Annual Income:

44,247 EUR

Our Organization Structure:

In our group, any decisions are made democratically - everything discussed by all participants, since we are ideological associates to each other.

In our team, which is part of the organization “Free Society – Comfortable City” Our main organizer and team-lead is Bryzgun Liudmyla, but the director of our organization is Kasianov Ihor. In our group the rest of the members – me, Kateryna, Derya and Katrin have the same power.

As we understood the question correctly (are you capable of organizing the young generation and being their leader), the answer is next. Yes, we are, and we have an example: in 2019 we organized a few dozens of students from different schools to take part in ecological action. For a few hours everyone was cleaning the beach of our Azov Sea. The good part of my and Kate’s work is that everyone was actually satisfied to do that and work for their city. This action happened twice.

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